Thank you for visiting the home of Blue Diamond Music Group's multi award winning artist Amore' Rayne. This is the premiere home of Gospel music. Here you will find all of her new cd releases. These are albums packed with amazing worship and praise music. This music is sure to move your heart and touch your soul. This is life changing music. Get your copy today.


Amore' Rayne

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(digital copy) NEW RELEASE A powerful, anointed worship and praise experience… This is a must have! This album is a powerful body of work; one that will truly change your life.

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Home Of SESAC's Multi Award Winning Singer/Songwriter
 Amore' Rayne
Music is my language.. Why? It’s universal and  has no boundaries. It has the ability to change your lives. It changed mine. 
Welcome to the home the multi award winning SESAC singer/songwriter Amore’ Rayne
. You may be familiar with Amore'’ Rayne because of the numerous awards and accomplishments she’s received as an independent  singer/songwriter. You may even recognize her from hearing her songs on your local radio station, or hearing her music on televison commercials and tv shows on cable network channels like Oxygen and BET.  She’s no newcomer to the industry. With her unique,universal style of music, her sound sticks out like a sore thumb.She has a signature sound. Her music is an eclectic blend of Pop, R&B and Contemporary Gospel. What a blend right!  Not only is she an amazing singer/songwriter, she's a phenomenal business woman. What started out as just a dream has earned her the respect of being  one of the most respected independent artists in the South. Not only does she play an intracate part in her career as an artist, in early 2011 she took it to another level by becoming the CEO of her own music publishing company; Ink Werks Music Publishing. She's focused on music licensing and song placements, an avenue that is often ignored by indepedent artist. She's off to a great start with 4 music placements on Oxygen channel among many others. People respect Amore' not only because of her music, but also because of her heart and compassion for people. She’s uses her gift of song to encourage, enlighten and empower so many listeners. She sings with such passion and conviction that her listeners experience every emotion of her lyrics. More often than not, she sings about life’s situations and people tend to grasp on to it because either they have experienced it or knows someone who has. People tend to call her music “Redemption Songs” because they give people so much hope. Her songs make you laugh, sometimes even cry; through her music Amore' allows herself to be vonurable and transparent. Listeners relate to it.
Her music has always had a purpose; that purpose is to exude love, forgiveness and joy.

~“ Amore' Speaks  About Her Latest Album”~

I've  always found comfort and peace in music.
My latest project is very different from all of my others, not only because of the genre classifications, but I invite listeners into an entire part of my life that has been so guarded until now. I know, without a shadow of a doubt that God has blessed me. By no means am I perfect.. I’ve always had a heart for people, for families, and for those who are broken and hurt. Through my music, I speak to them. So with my latest album “Fearless” I’ve decided that it’s time to introduce my savior to them in ways that I haven't before. I want to tell them why I can smile in spite of; how I can walk with my head held high regardless of; how I can live, love and be happy regardless of what may be surrounding me.
I've been through so many things in my life! I’m a rape survivor as well as a domestic abuse survivor. The things that I have been through would probably leave the average person bitter and broken. But in spite of those situations, God showed me that I am a conqueror. He filled void and hurts inside me that only he could completely fill.
I want to share that experience with you. I want to serve his people and usher them into his presence. I want people to understand that he loves us in spite of. You don’t have to wait until you are perfect; he's willing to take you just as you are. I
promise you I had a huge “"AS IS”" sign on my forehead and God, being the unconditional, loving daddy that he is, calmly assured me that he is the only coverage I’'ll ever need. I want you to experience that joy, that peace, that love that only God can give to you. I’m willing to show you all of my flaws, I’m willing to speak on all of the times that I messed up so that people who aren’t quite sure if God will love them will realize that God loves me in all of my mess he’'ll do the same for you.
The project that I recently released is called “"Fearless .” It’'s so very special to me. It’s an eclectic blend of Praise and Worship. Through this project I express to the Lord that I want less of me and more of him. This entire project is about loving on him and expressing my gratitude to him for all that he is in my life. It’s so amazing because it feels like God has allowed me to go through boot camp all of this time in preparation for all that he is about to do in my life. I have never felt so encouraged by a project. It'’s like God has hand crafted each and every song one by one. It’'s simply amazing!
My ultimate wish is that his will be done so that this project can touch the ears and hearts of all who are destined to hear it. I can’'t wait to share this experience with you. I pray that this project touches your hearts, moves your soul and invokes a deeper, intimate relationship with God. I hope you are as blessed by "“Fearless"” as I am.
Love always,

~Amore’ Rayne~
'We love your music. You Rock!"
Bob Gaye/Producer/Director at BJG Media Productions of Atlanta

"Though Amore's voice can be smooth and mesmerizing, it is also immediately commanding." 
-Ellen Meder/ Post and Courier "Preview"

"You're one of the South's top unsigned artist. Your music just blows me away''
-Malik Shaheed/ A&R Sony Red/Universal Republic
"I love your music"!
- Doug E Fresh (hip-hop pioneer)

"We're lovin your music"!
- Comedian/Tracy Morgan (comedian)

"Your Music Rocks! I love it!"
- Dj Crier, Fame Games 

"It is always an honor to meet an artist who's personality and persona is as wonderful as thier talent!
- Moble, Indies Urban World

"Amore' is warm, engaging,open and honest; what most people that meet her would call"Real Folks"!"
- Moble and Staff, Indies Urban World

"Your album "Journey" is an amazing body of work".
- COE/Senior Editor, Geechee One Magazine

"I knew Amore'Rayne was a star the second I heard her music". Her sinlge "My life" is amazing!! I love her music"
- Uncle D, Uncle D Morning Show/Word On The Streets Magazine 

"Great work"!
- Indie The Magazine

"Amore' is raw talent from the South with a lot of potential to make big things happen".
- Editor-In-Chief/Shinobi, Urban Mainstream Magazine 

"It's so refreshing to hear great music. It's music with so much soul and emotions. You are definately on your way to the top"!
- Gina, Sounds In The Hood Record Store

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