Intimacy 101 What Women Need (Males Guide) (hard copy)
  • Intimacy 101 What Women Need (Males Guide) (hard copy)
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This book is for ALL MEN. Women, this is the perfect gift for your mate. Regardless of your relationship status, this book can be an asset to your life rather it's now or in the future. What is intimacy? If your reply is sex, this book is definitely for you! This book is for all men wanting to Learn the true meaning of intimacy. It's a proven fact that men and women need totally different things when it comes to love, relationship, emotions and intimacy. This book takes all of the questions and guessing  out of the equation. I'm telling you, this book is a necessity for any relationship.  This is the ultimate guide to gain the appropriate tools necessary to live, love and experience true intimacy in your relationship. This Intimacy 101 breaks down what it truly means to be intimate. It explains the needs and wants of women. This book can benefit any and everyone that is open, ready and willing to learn. There are so many broken relationships. There are so many broken and hurt people. I wrote this book because I am tired of seeing relationships fail because the couple didn't have the adequate tools necessary to succeed. Regardless of what your relationship status is right now, you need this book. This is a must have for all men!

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